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I still have nightmares

Where this person is the main character.
But they’re not really scary.
Just very unhappy.

I find embroidery sexy.

Currently watching this exact scene. 

Currently watching this exact scene. 

I haven’t really spent time on tumblr in a year or so..

It’s dangerous here. It makes me consider tattoos again, more piercings, dying my hair, and purchasing oil paint (which is damn expensive.)

Yeah. Probably was gonna do all those things anyways. Just accelerating the process.


Selected works from Wellington, New Zealand based T-Wei.






Alice Wellinger


Alice Wellinger


The Greatest Tattoo Artists in the World, and where to find them.

Peter Aurisch - Berlin, Germany

Alice Carrier - Portland, Oregon

Chaim Machlev - Berlin, Germany

Kenji Alucky - Hokkaido, Japan

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec - Warsaw, Poland

Ien Levin - Kiev, Ukraine

Amanda Wachob - Brooklyn, N.Y

Madame Chän - Berlin, Germany

David Hale in Athens, Georgia 

Ondrash in Znojmo, Czech Republic

When I was 12

It was 2006 and I left church frustrated and in tears because my pastor went off on a rant about “it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” And because I felt that the only people who shared my feelings were gay, I must be gay too. I struggled with that on and off long into high school. I realized that its not that I was gay, but I was human. Its been 8 years, and I’ve never gone back to that church.


lets play a game called are u bad at texting back or do u hate me

I don’t know what it is with today.
Everything just feels so surreal.
It’s like a dream, a time warp.
How last year I was just so hurt,
And angry,
And alone.

It felt like watching a glass fall from the edge, but the glass is still caressing the desk. And you know you could have pushed it further back earlier, or if you’re fast enough now, you could catch it. But you just don’t. You know it was meant to fall off the fricking table because you were careless to keep putting it behind your wrist. And you let it go.

There were mountains of broken glass around my desk. And I feel it all.


first steps

Fun fact: When I was younger, I didn’t have my own Gameboy, or the money to buy the game, so I would borrow my brothers cousins Gameboy Color, and rent the Pokemon Crystal for a dollar a week from Longs Drugs (cvs). 12 years later, and this game is still my best friend. 

Relax, Exhale, &Breathe

Meag // HI // hapa // twenty-one
My first name means to follow but my last name means to wait.
Do as you please.

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